NComputing MX 100D

Ncomputing MX100D

NComputing MX 100D

Powered by Numo SoC
USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse
USB 2.0 peripheral support
Microphone & audio out
Energy-efficient (typically 2W/user)

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3-in-1 thin client kit for affordable desktop computing. The Ncomputing MX100D provides a high performance, low cost computing solution for a simple, powerful & affordable desktop computing alternative.

As the industry’s premier 3-in-1 thin client offering, each MX100D Direct Connect Edition kit works with NComputing’s vSpace Server software to deliver a high quality, media-rich Windows desktop experience to 3-users. Architected as an end-to-end solution and built to be simple to deploy, operate and maintain, the hardware, software and protocol components work seamlessly to provide the best user experience. Users don’t even know they are sharing a single computer and the whole solution can be managed by users with only basic IT computer skills.

The MX100D is ideal for workgroup computing, classrooms, computer labs, training rooms, libraries and small business.It comes bundled with NComputing vSpace Server licenses and is designed for use without the need for any existing network infrastructure. With the Direct Connect Edition the vSpace Server host computer is configured with the included PCIe card, which provides both power and connectivity, for up to three MX100 kits (one MX100D plus two MX100S Standard Etion kits), enabling up to 9-users per PCIe card.

Each additional MX100D kit plus two MX100S kits enables an incremental 9-users to be added to the same vSpace Server. Benefit from superior multimedia capabilities, USB peripheral support and the highest number of users per host computer—all at a very affordable price. The economics improve even more with:

  • vSpace Server’s ability to deliver Windows desktops to multiple users from a single computer.
  • With a single cable for power and connectivity the total requirement for cables is reduced by 50%

MX100 rewrites new affordability standards in shared computing by slashing acquisition cost by as much as 65%, maintenance cost by 80% and energy cost by 90%.

Key Features & Benefits :

  • Each MX100D Direct Connect Edition kit includes 3 client devices (primary and two satellites)
  • Each MX100D: Direct Connect Edition can support up to 9-users (requires purchase of additional MX100S: Standard Edition kits)
  • No existing network infrastructure required – each kit connects directly to vSpace Server
  • Powered by Numo SoC
  • USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse
  • USB 2.0 peripheral support
  • Microphone & audio out
  • Energy-efficient (typically 2W/user)
  • Slash acquisition cost by as much as 65%, maintenance cost by 80% and energy cost by 90%.
  • Powerful vSpace® Server desktop virtualization software included
  • Easy to set up, maintain, manage.


  • 1x primary device
  • 2x satellite devices
  • 1x MX100D PCIe card with PoE
  • 3x monitor mount brackets
  • 2x 6-foot satellite link cables
  • Quick Install Guide
  • vSpace Server installation rights.




Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows *** — Refer to the support section at for the latest supported versions.


Second generation Numo® 2 SoC provides full screen video streaming


Primary client 270mm (w) x 80mm (d) x 35mm (h)

Video Resolution

800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1360×768, 1440×900, 1920×1080


16-BIT Stereo DAC via standard 3.5mm speaker port


16-BIT mono microphone audio input via standard 3.5mm microphone port


Primary client 0.24 kg / 0.53 lbs Satellite client 0.06 kg / 0.13 lbs

Kit Shipping Weight

0.86KG / 1.9 LBS (includes 3 client devices, PCIe-powered network card, documentation, 3 VESA mount plates and 2 USB A-B cables)

Front LED Indicators

Primary client Power LED – Blue when PoE is ok Satellite client Status LED – Solid blue when connected to primary client

Internal hardware

NComputing Numo2 System-on-Chip; Solid-state design, no moving parts, no fans, no local user storag


FCC Class A, CE, KCC and RoHS compliant


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