By utilizing a solitary thing PC and OS, NComputing thin client can convey up to 100 autonomous client sessions, significantly expanding PC access to clients and decreasing equipment and upkeep costs by 75%. This permits constrained IT staff to concentrate on more key activities instead of a perpetual arrangement of PC overhauls. NComputing advancement makes it feasible for clients to change existing hardware (legacy PCs, netbook and portable PCs) into new virtual customers, extending the capacity to address today’s top IT needs: supporting portability, empowering BYOD, and overseeing Windows OS moves.

Total IT providing Ncomputing as authorized dealer and distributor desktop virtualization solutions to our our esteemed clients in Pakistan, With after deal administrations and strong specific support and in addition legitimate guarantees. we are supplying NComputing devices to different nations such as Pakistan, Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan districts.

We can’t survive without PCs, so we should figure out how to live with them in a way that makes them friendly to nature. At present, PC’s expend to an extreme degree a lot of power and create an excess of e-waste to be viewed as an Eco-accommodating arrangement by all accounts. With a run of the mill PC taking roughly 150 watts to run, and with well more than 1 billion of them on the planet, it’s straightforward what the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission is saying in regards to e-waste is being the quickest developing part of the waste stream.

Today’s PCs are powerful to the point that we no more need one PC for each individual. We can take advantage of the abundance power in one PC and offer it with numerous clients. NComputing devices utilize only 1 to 5 watts, keep going for 10 years, and produce only a couple of ounces of e-waste. Not just is this a straightforward answer for a perplexing issue, the efficiencies accomplished utilizing this innovation are astounding. NComputing thin clients save 75% on equipment, and since they draw under 5 watts of force, you can decrease your vitality foot shaped impression by as much as 90% for each client. NComputing devices create basically no warmth, diminishing the requirement for vitality devouring ventilating. Power investment funds alone can pay for the NComputing virtual desktops in as small as one year.

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  • Ncomputing L300

    Support upto 100 users
    2 Remote USB 2.0
    Audio IN/OUT
    Ethernet Port
    DVD-quality full-screen
    Easy to manage & install
    Designed for large enterprises
    5W power consumption

  • NComputing L350

    Play 1080P quality fullscreen video
    Save on going cost 75%
    Save electricity cost over 90%
    Easy to install
    Easy to manage

  • NComputing M300

    Share up to 45 users on single PC
    Ethernet TCP/IP interface
    USB keyboard and mouse
    USB 2.0 peripheral support
    Microphone & audio out

  • NComputing MX 100D

    Powered by Numo SoC
    USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse
    USB 2.0 peripheral support
    Microphone & audio out
    Energy-efficient (typically 2W/user)

  • NComputing MX 100S

    Share one computer with up to 45 users.
    Powered by Numo SoC .USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse.
    USB 2.0 peripheral support.
    Microphone & audio out.
    Energy-efficient (typically 2W/user).

  • Ncomputing N500

    Optimized for HDX
    Full HD screen video
    4USB 2.0 Ports
    Full HD 1080p Video Playback
    Ethernet / Wifi

  • NComputing RX300

    Full-motion HD video playback
    Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
    Bluetooth 4.1
    8GB internal Micro SD card
    1GB RAM
    Less than 5W power consumption
    Transparent USB redirection

  • NComputing x550

    Share one PC with 11 users
    Slash acquisition and support costs
    5 Access devices and 1 five port card
    1 Watts power consumption
    Easy to set up, maintain & secure
    Compact and reliable