Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners are used for peoples fingerprints scanning, verification and store the finger templates. Mostly private organizations and Government institutes has deployed this technology to identify the individuals. Now many departments in Pakistan installed fingerprint scanners for land records, criminals registration and for the national data base. Even many countries have installed fingeprint scanners for immigration at airports. Latest fingeprint scanners has the capability to integrate with various types of operating systems and applications like windows, Linux, Android, oracle and JAVA.

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  • Secugen Hamster Plus

    Secugen Hamster Plus
    FBI Approved Fingerprints Scanner
    Sensor resistant to scratches, impact and vibration
    Automatic Finger Placement Detection
    USB communication
    Removable weighted stand

  • Secugen Hamster Pro

    Secugen Hamster Pro fingerprints scanner
    Sensor resistant to scratches, impact & vibration
    Automatic Finger Placement Detection
    Image Adjustment to Accomodate Moist & Dry Fingers
    USB connection
    Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable

  • ZK SLK20R

    Support anti-fake fingerprint
    Android, Windows Supported
    High Speed USB 2.0
    Quick recognition

  • ZKTeco 4500 USB thumb scanner

    Thumb Scanner
    Readily accessible for any finger
    2 High quality industrial-class ABS plastic material
    High-performance, maintenance-free
    LED indicates the status
    High speed USB interface