Biometric Attendance


biometric attendance

Biometric Attendance system and hardware solutions are reducing the human efforts and humanitarian errors to manage employee attendance data. It’s very tough to maintain employee data manually and search it. The automated attendance system gives peace of mind and cut the ownership cost very effectively.

Biometric time and attendance innovation conveys effectiveness to the keeping so as to work environment better tabs on the representatives in a given workforce. Punch cards can be given to companions so that truant specialists can carry off stolen paid organization time and attendance who bring home the bacon from the street or at home need approaches to demonstrate that they’ve earned their paychecks. With biometric attendance systems businesses cut down on time misrepresentation and loyal representatives have hard confirmation they merit all that after some time they’ve been putting in. The majority of that is also the expanded productivity on an overseer’s end; with computerized and precise attendance records administrators can concentrate on all the more squeezing matters.

Products and Services:
We mainly deals ZKteco biometric products and solutions.
Biometric Sensors and Scanners, Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition, Middleware / Software, Residential Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometric Locks, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics , Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance.

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  • Secugen Hamster Plus

    Secugen Hamster Plus
    FBI Approved Fingerprints Scanner
    Sensor resistant to scratches, impact and vibration
    Automatic Finger Placement Detection
    USB communication
    Removable weighted stand

  • Secugen Hamster Pro

    Secugen Hamster Pro fingerprints scanner
    Sensor resistant to scratches, impact & vibration
    Automatic Finger Placement Detection
    Image Adjustment to Accomodate Moist & Dry Fingers
    USB connection
    Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable

  • ZK BioFace1

    Face Recognition Attendance & Access Control
    Face capacity 1200
    Transaction capacity 100,000
    Colored GUI Interface
    TCP/IP and USB interface

  • ZK bioface2

    Facial Recognition Device
    Face capacity 3000
    Fingerprint capacity 5000
    With Latest firmware & Algorithm
    Support attendance & access
    User friendly interface
    Build-in battery backup
    TCP/IP and USB Host

  • ZK BioPad100

    For Biometric Attendance
    7 inch touch screen
    Fingerprint capacity 6000
    Transaction capacity 300,000
    Ethernet & Wi-Fi connection

  • ZK DS100

    For Biometric Attendance and Access Control
    Dual sensor fingerprint reader
    Fingerprints capcity 3000
    Transaction capacity 10,0000
    TCP/IP RJ45 and USB Interface

  • ZK F18

    For Biometric Access Control and Attendance System
    Fingerprint capacity 3000
    Transaction capacity 30000
    TCp/IP RJ45 and USB interface
    Audio-Visual indications

  • ZK F21

    For Biometric Time Attendance Management
    Fingerprint capacity 3000
    Transaction capacity 100000
    2.4-inch TFT color screen
    Network & USB interface

  • ZK F702s

    Fingerprint Reader For Biometric Attendance
    Fingerprint capacity 2200
    Transaction capacity 50,000
    Support 50 time zones
    TCP/IP, Serial ports interface

  • ZK F8

    For Biometric Time Attendance
    Fingerprint capacity 1500
    Transaction capacity 50,000
    TCP/IP Rj45 with USB port
    ZK optical sensor

  • ZK iClock 3000

    For Time Attendance and Access Control
    Fingerprint capacity 20000
    Transaction capacity 200,000
    3.5″ colored TFT screen
    Build-In camera

  • ZK iClock 680

    Fingerprints capacity 8,000
    Transaction capacity 200,000
    Camera 1.3 Megapixel
    TCP/IP RJ45 and USB interface
    5 inch colored TFT