Biometric System

If you have a problem with your staff loosing cards and badges, then the biometric system could be the solution. You can avoid having to replace key cards every so often because some employees keep losing them. The time it takes to replace these key cards, mean employees will use other means to access the system therefore minimizing the level of security.

Biometric System are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Among the features measured are face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. biometric attendance system in pakistan data are separate and distinct from personal information. biometric attendance system templates cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate personal information and they cannot be stolen and used to access personal information.

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  • Electric Bolt Lock

    For Electronic Door Access Control
    Electronic bolt lock
    Life time warranty
    Easy installation
    Designed for wood & aluminium doors

  • Electromagnetic Lock

    For Electronic Door Access Control Systems
    Electromegnatic door lock
    Fail-safe type
    Power DC 12v

  • Exit Push Button

    Designed For Electronic Access Control
    Versatile and compact design
    NC/NO contact
    Auto Reset option
    Aluminium alloy body

  • ZK BioFace1

    Face Recognition Attendance & Access Control
    Face capacity 1200
    Transaction capacity 100,000
    Colored GUI Interface
    TCP/IP and USB interface

  • ZK F18

    For Biometric Access Control and Attendance System
    Fingerprint capacity 3000
    Transaction capacity 30000
    TCp/IP RJ45 and USB interface
    Audio-Visual indications

  • ZK F21

    For Biometric Time Attendance Management
    Fingerprint capacity 3000
    Transaction capacity 100000
    2.4-inch TFT color screen
    Network & USB interface

  • ZK FR 1200

    Compatible with ZK F18 Biometric Reader
    IP 65 Housing
    Weigned Reader
    RS 485 communication
    Compact design

  • ZK MA300

    Biometrics Reader
    Support upto 1500 users
    Support upto 100000 transactions
    Full door access features
    Compact design

  • ZK MA500

    Fingeprints Access Control System
    Vandal resistant & IP65
    Support upto 3000 users
    Optical sensor with protective cover
    Ethernet TCP/IP and RS485

  • ZK SF100

    Biometric Access Control & Attendance
    2.4-inch color display GUI
    Fingerprint capacity 1500
    Transaction capacity 50,000
    TCP/IP, RS485, USB  interface

  • ZK SF300

    Biometric Attendance and Access Control
    Fingerprint capacity 1500
    Transaction capacity 80,000
    TCP/IP, RS485, USB interface
    Compact and lightweight

  • ZK TF1700

    Biometric Fingerprint reader
    Fingerprint capacity 1500
    Transaction capacity 30000
    TCP/IP RJ45 and USB interface
    Water-proof device